Feb 032013

Pagan sounds from the underground.

Playlist for 02/03/13

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This show is an encore presentation from 01/29/12. I’ll be back next week with an all new show!

Mirabilis – World Indifferent
Azam Ali – Neni Desem
Arborea – Black is the Colour
Young Hunting – Embers From the Pyre
Priscilla Hernandez – The Aftermath
The Frozen Autumn – Sidereal Solitude
Dead Can Dance – Minus Sanctus (live)
Austra – Lose It (live)
Ford and Lopatin with Tamaryn – Flying Dream
Esben and The Witch – Hexagons I (The Fall)
Fever Ray – Keep the Streets Empty for Me
Metal Mother – Willow

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  1. Was it Esben and The Witch that sounded so much like Regina Spektor? Fever Ray was awesome, too. Great show, worthy of an encore! :-)

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